Greg AmesProcurement Specialist

Greg is a procurement specialist at the firm, aiding clients who are seeking out broker dealers specific to their needs.  Greg also serves our clientele on the outsourcing team, helping firms to reduce costs and effectively manage their compliance programs.

Prior to his tenure at CXG/BDFS, Greg worked with commercial real estate syndications, becoming adept in various skills that he has since utilized during his time at the company. In the real estate industry, he worked side-by-side with several operators, developing a deep expertise across verticals. He worked to target and underwrite deals, primarily focusing on self-storage, boat, and RV storage facilities.

Greg is also an avid aviator and has been a pilot since 2008. He also was a certified flight instructor from 2006 to 2008. Mr. Ames graduated from the Utah Valley University with a B.S.

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