Neil DelaneyDirector of Business Development

Neil Delaney brings over ten (10) years of executive leadership, business management, development, marketing, and other business-related experience to the Team. His extensive experience allows Mr. Delaney to ultimately blend contemporary approaches with traditional business and marketing techniques, all while using state-of-the-art technology to benefit both CXG & BDFS and its clients alike.

As Director of Business Development, Mr. Delaney specializes in broker-dealer transactions, recognizing and addressing the difficulties that each acquisition may face. He utilizes every resource to develop real-time solutions for existing, new, and potential clients. His executive leadership qualities and experience, coupled with a broad range of project management experience, assists our clients though a streamlined, customizable approach. Mr. Delaney brings priceless experience to the CXG & BDFS Team and is considered to be an expert in strategy, research, consulting, and financial modeling.

Mr. Delaney also has five (5) years of experience in real estate investing and attended the Borough of Manhattan College, where he primarily studied business administration. Mr. Delaney also is a professional pilot, a graduate of ATP, where he studied applied science. Mr. Delaney has a strong passion for aviation and enjoys being a pilot. Neil holds several commercial aircraft type ratings and is a flight instructor outside of his time at CXG & BDFS.

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