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About CXG

Compliance Exchange Group operates at the vanguard of broker-dealer consulting and Chief Compliance Officer outsourcing providers. Others claim to be “full service” while only hosting limited capabilities, where CXG lives up to the label: we outsource the complete range of compliance & finance Principals, including CCOs, FINOPs, Series 4, Series 24, and Series 79 license holders.

Another reason our services stand head-and-shoulders above others is our roster of seasoned, highly experienced talent. Our Principals have built and developed investment banks and trading rooms, they have created broker-dealers from scratch. They’ve also held CEO, CFO, CCO, FINOP, and Board roles at a variety of organizations, so they know the ins and outs of how businesses grow efficiently and effectively.

Our superior talent and practical experience are why start-ups seeking FINRA approval and small- to mid-size firms looking to grow trust us to supply them with outsourcing solutions that work.

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Contact us to discuss what CXG can do for your firm. We look forward to helping you explore new opportunities and achieve your strategic goals.

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When I first started the firm, I was the CCO. Then I hired someone as we grew. They weren’t the best, but I knew that and our sales couldn’t justify hiring a top tier guy. Compliance Exchange opened my eyes to some real solutions. With their CCO program, we have real help and I can focus on growing our business. These guys are fantastic!

NY Broker-Dealer
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