Whether you need short term coverage or a long term solution, outsourced CCO services from Compliance Exchange Group have you covered. We have seasoned CCOs with extensive board experience and who are ready to help your firm prosper.

Most small- to mid-size companies don’t require a full-time CCO and the cost of retaining a seasoned veteran is prohibitive. The solution: outsource your Chief Compliance Officer from CXG. Enjoy immediate and significant benefits:

  • An executive known and respected by FINRA
  • Successfully manage compliance
  • Limit risk
  • Keep internal resources focused on revenues and growth
  • Streamline your staffing
  • Reduce costs

Compliance is complex. Rules and requirements evolve constantly. The CCO role demands someone with hands-on experience and a proven ability to meet those challenges. Contact us today to talk about getting an experienced CCO on your team.

Ready to see what we can do for you?

Speak with one of our Principals and discuss how we can help your business.

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