Why CXG?

Why Choose CXG?

You’ll find very quickly that we are quite different from other compliance firms. Not only does CXG retain the best talent in the industry, but our principals, FINOPs, and licensed personnel can fill a short term need or assist you with a long term solution. Either way, your organization gets more than an individual; you get the combined expertise and capabilities of a team, all working to enhance and support your company’s growth and performance goals.

What CXG brings to your organization:

True Expertise. Our executives have built and developed Investment Banks, Trading Rooms, and created Broker Dealers from scratch. They have sat in CEO, CFO, FINOP and Board roles at various companies. If you’re a small to mid-size firm looking to grow your company, or a start-up firm seeking FINRA approval, we can help.

Risk mitigation. Outsourcing, consulting, and support from CXG delivers an experienced team to take charge and efficiently manage your financial and compliance requirements. Our ability to anticipate and overcome challenges mitigates risk and eliminates costly penalties.

Core focus. Every moment you spend managing issues outside your core operations is a lost opportunity to generate revenue and grow your business. With CXG managing the details of compliance, you can put the focus back on winning your market and accomplishing your strategic goals.

Reduced costs. Maintaining a full portfolio of required licenses in-house is an immense financial burden, one that doesn’t make sense for most organizations. CXG provides outsourcing as a more cost effective and responsible alternative. Take advantage of economies of scale, streamline your staffing, realign costs from fixed to variable, and save money.

Knowledge leadership. We know licensing and compliance inside and out. Our expertise opens new opportunities, reduces hassles, and condenses time lines. It’s not just about stopping problems before they happen, it’s also about support that extends and elevates your organization.

Want to Find Out More?

We have solutions available to help your business. Contact us today and we can discuss what CXG can do for you.

Ready to see what we can do for you?

Speak with one of our Principals and discuss how we can help your business.

When I first started the firm, I was the CCO. Then I hired someone as we grew. They weren’t the best, but I knew that and our sales couldn’t justify hiring a top tier guy. Compliance Exchange opened my eyes to some real solutions. With their CCO program, we have real help and I can focus on growing our business. These guys are fantastic!

FL Broker-Dealer
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