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New York Broker Dealer Transaction

5K Net capital, licensed to conduct business in 9 lines of business: Broker or Dealer retailing corporate Equity Securities OTC, Broker selling corporate Debt Securities, Mutual Fund retailer, Municipal Securities Broker, Broker or Dealer selling Variable Life Insurance, put and call Options Broker, non-exchange member arranging for listed Securities, Private Placements and M&A Advisory services.

Highlights of Broker Dealer Transaction

  • Closed in 35 days
  • Moved Broker-Dealer to NY
  • Approved for 9 lines of business
  • Changed ownership and mgmt. team
  • Obtained additional approval for 27 states
  • Changed Firm Name
  • Approval for up to 30 registered reps
  • Added new clearing arrangement

Florida Broker Dealer

5k Net capital, approved for 3 business lines: Mutual Fund retailer, Broker or Dealer selling Variable Life Insurance and Private Placement of Securities. Moved main office from FL to NY, changed operating structure, created BOD.

Highlights of Broker Dealer Transaction

  • Closed in 60 days
  • Utilized outsourced CXG principals for approval
  • Moved Broker Dealer to NY
  • Approved for 3 new lines of business
  • Obtained additional multi-state approval
  • Approved for up to 15 registered reps
  • Changed supervisory structure.
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We needed an additional 24 to meet FINRA expansion requirements – CXG really came through for us. Very professional staff and they saved us a bundle in operating costs by setting us up with one of their licensed principals.

NY Broker-Dealer

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