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Outsourced CCO Services

Today’s regulatory landscape is constantly evolving, which requires firms to maintain up-to-date compliance policies. This may include meeting all SEC, FINRA and CFTC requirements, having personnel that can provide adequate protection for your clients and firm, as well as preserving growth. Compliance Exchange Group (CXG) provides full-service Outsourced CCO Services & Solutions for both Investment Advisers and Broker Dealers, including customizable compliance programs, made to fit your firm’s specific needs.

Chief Compliance Officer Outsourcing

Whether you need to review your current compliance program or outsource your CCO services completely, our team at Compliance Exchange Group (CXG) has the expertise and experience to address any compliance concerns you may have. CCO outsourcing is a common practice performed by many successful firms. One reason outsourcing is such a popular option is hiring an in-house Chief Compliance Officer can be expensive, especially for a small or medium sized firm. One solution to this problem is to leverage the compliance expertise and experience of firms like Compliance Exchange Group (CXG) for cost-effective CCO Services.

CXG’s Outsourced CCO Services & Solutions

Compliance Exchange Group (CXG), is a full-service Compliance Firm that provides Outsourced Chief Compliance Officer Services. We assist firms by:

  • Gathering information and data related to compliance from your stakeholders, team, and systems
  • Support for compliance reporting, meeting both internal and external requirements
  • Examining business processes, operations and business for compliance
  • Analyzing operations compliance
  • Preparing, scheduling, and carrying out formal compliance reviews
  • Creation of reports for the Senior Management Teams and Board of Directors
  • Support with industry-specific compliance requirements
  • Regulation Best Interest (Reg. BI) & Form CRS
  • Assistance with compliance issues due to overseas offerings or operations
  • Ongoing compliance education
  • Updating and crafting compliance manuals and policies
  • Principal Outsourcing such as a Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) and other principals
  • Notice filings and other relevant filings
  • Evaluating all marketing materials for compliance, such as social media platforms
  • Creation of regulatory and compliance calendars
  • Drafting and storing documentation required for compliance
  • Risk assessments
  • Audits & Mock Audits to identify and address compliance concerns
  • Ongoing compliance support and consulting

Interested in Compliance Outsourcing?

If you’re considering CCO outsourcing as an Investment Adviser or Broker Dealer, Compliance Exchange Group (CXG) can help. Our team can provide you the necessary strategies you’ll need to handle the complexities of regulatory compliance.

Why Your Firm Needs Broker Dealer CCO Outsourcing

In the eyes of regulators, your compliance department is an integral part of your firm’s management structure. This is because enforceable compliance requirements develop and grow more complex each year. Therefore, your firm needs to stay on top of all regulatory changes; failure to do so puts your firm at risk.

By outsourcing all Chief Compliance Officer responsibilities to Compliance Exchange Group (CXG), we can implement all required policies and procedures that ensure compliance for your Broker Dealer or Investment Adviser, while maintaining your firm’s growth.

The talented team of CCOs at Compliance Exchange Group (CXG) are composed of experienced compliance professionals. With outsourced CCO services, we can create and manage new compliance policies, revise or examine existing policies, procedures, and systems, provide an inexperienced compliance team with leadership, develop strategies for any future changes, and so much more!

Does My Firm Need a Compliance Program?

As a Broker Dealer or an Investment Adviser, there are several reasons why your firm needs a comprehensive compliance program. The regulatory environment is continuously changing from regulations affecting transparency to marketing, and your firm needs to stay compliant with all current regulations, including state and SEC regulations requirements.

Before Outsourcing Compliance Responsibilities — Consider This

When trying to decide whether or not you want to outsource your firm’s compliance, you may want to review your existing compliance procedures in order to determine the areas you need assistance. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you want to maintain certain functions in-house or fully outsource all compliance processes?
  • What’s the primary goal of outsourcing your firm’s compliance responsibilities?
  • Do you want cost-effective, reliable officers handling your firm’s complicated compliance matters?

Outlining all your needs allows Compliance Exchange Group (CXG) to customize a compliance program that will produce the results you’re looking for. Also, by examining your firm’s needs, you will be more prepared to provide your team of outsourced compliance specialists with the data and access to information they will need to get the job done!

Outsourcing Compliance vs. In-House CCO

No matter who you hire, your firm is the one responsible for following all compliance rules and regulations. This means your firm cannot redirect liability or responsibility. That is why it is so important, that you work with an experienced in-house CCO or company such as Compliance Exchange Group (CXG) to ensure the security of your firm and your peace of mind. Keep in mind, due to regulations within particular industries some firms are prohibited from outsourcing compliance.

The Compliance Exchange Group Team includes:

  • Licensed & Registered Principals
  • Certified Management Accountants
  • Certified Public Accountants
  • Attorneys
  • And other experienced Financial professionals

What makes Compliance Exchange Group Unique?

We are a true full-service compliance firm offering customizable services in order to meet the individual needs of any firm. Our risk mitigation audits, consultations, and assessments can assist in targeting the areas of compliance that require attention while allowing you to maximize your resources.

Our Outsourced Chief Compliance Officers Provide:

  • Investment Adviser Compliance Services & Training
  • Mutual Fund Compliance Services
  • Private Equity & Hedge Funds Compliance Program Support
  • Broker Dealer Compliance Services
  • Cybersecurity & IT Security Assessments and Solutions
  • Penetration Testing
  • SEC Data Privacy Compliance Services
  • RIA Registration
  • Mock SEC Exams

Ongoing Compliance Consulting Services

We offer customizable services, in regards to compliance and ongoing support. The compliance professionals on our team will evaluate your needs and design a solution in order to keep your firm compliant with all regulatory requirements. With the stress of remaining compliant taken off of your shoulders, you can focus on what really matters, providing exceptional financial services to your clients!

The regulatory landscape of the financial sector is continuously evolving. This evolution makes compliance more critical and complicated than ever before. Outsourcing your compliance responsibilities is a turn-key solution that can help you avoid FINRA, SEC, and other regulatory violations. Whether you’re interested in outsourcing Chief Compliance Officers services or need specific compliance needs, get in touch with Compliance Exchange Group (CXG) for a consultation!

Compliance is complex. Rules and requirements evolve constantly. The CCO role demands someone with hands-on experience and a proven ability to meet those challenges.

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