Raffaele GeraceDirector of Growth and Operations

Raffaele Gerace has over 20 years’ experience in sales, including most of the time in the financial sector. Early in his career, Mr. Gerace knew he wanted to be a provider of “solutions” rather than a “sales guy”, so he focused on providing products to consumers that would fill a need. This approach has allowed him to best serve his clients. Raffaele understands that running a successful brokerage means having satisfied clients not just today, but well into the future.

Mr. Gerace has taken this experience and applied it to scalable teams and replicable processes with a client-first approach. Raffaele wanted to expand his knowledge in other sectors including group health and insurtechs, spending several years building up successful sales processes. This experience helped in rounding out his knowledge of brokers’ needs, which brought him to CXG. Having spent time with sales, marketing and operations allows Mr. Gerace to see the entire process, which enables the maximization of efficiencies and success. All this translates into a smooth and fulfilling experience for the clients. Raffaele Gerace is using this experience to guide our clients to a successful journey!